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#1: You want to find love and be in a healthy relationship. You want to find the Right One.

#2:  This eBook is not about how to meet Ms. or Mr. Right. It’s about helping you make better choices/decisions to let the Right One in. It’s about avoidin gentering into a serious relationship with “The Wrong One” –and, therefore, being emotionally and physically available for Ms. or Mr. Right!

#3:  This ebook will best help you during the time frame at the very beginning of a new relationship, before you even think it’s a relationship, when you have the will power to say “no thanks.”

#4 Workbook assignments, presented at the end of each section, will reinforce the core concepts.<br>
It’s a little book with a strong punchline.

#5:  The core concepts will not require a PHD to understand. You may never look at traffic light the same, again. Plus, this is not a book about dating tips and you won’t find any sappy love quotes.

#6 What you gain is a simple way to practically look at a new relationship and how to find true love — at the right time for you. You will have a framework to make better decisions for finding the one.

Excerpts From Preface


Who is to say that the person you are currently dating is the right one or the wrong one? Not me. After all, you have probably had numerous first dates and a number of serious relationships in your life and believe you have a pretty good screening/selection process. Occasionally, you meet someone who you really like and go for it.

As the stars seem aligned, you expect to drive past these first few dates, the first month, the next month, the first six months, even the first year…. and eventually, you believe you’ll both agree to spend the rest of your lives together. That is the RELATIONSHIP ROAD, we, as daters who want to be married, want to travel.

It must be noted that some couples do find get lucky. The timing is perfect. They get on the Relationship Road, they get married, and while they may have bumps in the road, overall, they feel they are with the RIGHT ONE. They realize how lucky they are. When they tell the story of how they met, even to themselves, they still feel happy about it. They have a happy marriage. It does happen, and should happen.
Unfortunately, a happy marriage is only one outcome.

Once on this Relationship Road, a number of other very typical results can occur.

(1) You get married. Years pass. You may have kids or you may not. You get divorced! You feel that you were with the WRONG ONE.

(2) You get married. Years pass. You stay married because of the kids. You are miserable. You feel that you are with the WRONG ONE.

(3) You are together for numerous years. You feel married, but never tie the knot. It ends. You feel that you were with the WRONG ONE.


Knowing Your Relationship Color Is Key To Finding Love

You are a Red

You are a Red if you recently ended a relationship and need time to recover, discover yourself, or are in search of that requisite rebound relationship. You are also a Red if there is something in your life that really, deep down, makes you realize you are not ready for a new relationship or, what this connotes.

You are a Yellow

You are a Yellow if you have put some distance between you and your last relationship, but perhaps you feel that not enough time has passed. Basically, you are not sure you’re ready for a new relationship, but want to be.

You are a Green

You are a Green if you are ready to be with someone else. You want it. You are in a place to offer your best self to someone else and you are ready to attract and receive someone else’s best self – and only their best self.

What Readers say

This is a fabulous book on how to choose a partner that really works with you. I came away with a lot to add to my tool box in this regard. I recently shifted gears and have gone "green," as described in the book. The theory the author puts out there will definitely be helpful and I can see how it will help me move more quickly and easily down the path as I look for "the one." I love the 2 questions printed in red on Page 35. They are the main reasons the content of the book is valuable to me--valuable for the awareness it creates around the topic -- 1) I am going to look at new relationships differently and 2) I do feel after reading the book that I'm "ahead of the game." In sum, I loved reading it, definitely recommend it to others, and will be using the info as I actively hunt for "Mr. Right."

An Amazon Reviewer

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help sifting through suitors with more speed and confidence so as to find their forever love. Rob successfully applies a business like structure to what is otherwise a mushy topic, and he gives readers a concrete tool to help achieve their romantic goals. The simple yet strong visual concept sticks in the reader's brain to help him find clarity and direction, even amidst much emotion which often makes things cloudy. Written in a conversational style with just the right amount of detail, this book can be read in minutes but stay in your mind for a lifetime. This tiny time/investment will pay back in spades.

An Amazon Reviewer

In the very messy world of relationships, "How To Pick The Right One" gives us a structured lens through which to navigate our approach to dating. An emotionally charged area such as dating and love can definitely benefit from a structured approach. Thanks to this Ebook I am more equipped to handle my choices in selecting a partner moving forward. THANKS!

An Amazon Reviewer