Why You Should Buy This eBook!

If you continually select the wrong ones for whatever reason, this is a great book for you. If you find yourself constantly falling for the wrong one and are disappointed when it doesn’t work out, this is a great book for you. If you want to let the right one in, this book give you a great starting framework.

Most books about relationship advice for women or relationship advice for men focus on finding love and romance, i.e. how to find true love. Many of these books come from the perspective that women don’t understand men and men don’t understand women (especially if from Mars). Many of these books also talk about having a positive mental attitude, keeping rules, and what to do or say, or not say and not do on your dates.

This book is not about how to meet Ms. or Mr. Right. It’s about avoiding a serious relationship with “The Wrong One” –and, therefore, being available for Ms. or Mr. Right! This book is about helping you understand the dynamics of a new relationship, and allowing you to clearly and practically see the red flags much earlier before you get too deep into the relationship, and conversely, learn to identify when the signals and signs are truly very positive and aligned correctly for finding love.

At the end of the day, even if you skim the entire book, it is worth reading as it will outlast silly dating tips you may read on Buzzfeed or, perhaps, in Cosmo or Esquire. Plus, if you carefully read the sections that pertain to your own relationship color, i.e. your current situation, you’ll come away with a much better way to properly select someone who could be right for you, and most important, not select someone who is very much wrong for you.
In sum, you will never look at a traffic light the same – and for the price of a fancy Starbucks coffee, you’ll have a tool to use to help you select your new relationships better –and get on the right relationship road – and staying away from wasting too much time in bad relationships that probably never had a chance in the first place!