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Rob- Oct 13 Park Relaxed 1

Based in New York City for the last 15 years, Rob continues his quest to meet the Right One, and get married, and have a family(?).  He remains eternally optimistic.  He would like to thank everyone he’s dated who inadvertently contributed their collective stories, none of which are in the ebook.


If I can help a person avoid spending 1 year, 3 years or many more years with the Wrong One, then I’ve done a mitvah. Of course, there really is no way to know unless you are Jimmy Stewart in A Wonderful Life, but let’s hope you have a wonderful life because you’ve read the book and it helped you avoid a bad relationship and focus on finding the right one and a healthy relationship!

Every person who dates in New York City wants to write a book with the stories they’ve heard. I had coined my Green/Yellow/Red theories over many years and every once in a while on a date and with friends when discussing their relationships, I’d share them. People told me I should write a book about it. So I did!


I’ve dated in NY for too many years. I do not have a Ph’d in psychology, nor am I a relationship coach. My hope is to have the readers of this eBook provide their own insights and stories and what they’ve learned from reading the ebook. That’ll be my credentials. Until then, the content will speak for itself. As in life, if you can get one takeaway from this eBook and it helps you avoid many years of your life


I’m very proud of this eBook. Given how everyone is one click away from knowing everything about each other, I want to keep my moonlighting author activities separate from my career. This is truly a recent picture of me. I hope everyone understands.